Cheap, Easy ($100) Bathroom Makover

I’m surprising my kids with a total bathroom makeover.  Their bathroom has always been a bit dull.  Cream colored shower curtain, pale rugs, brown towels, not much on the walls.  It’s not a bright place, and I’ve always wondered if maybe one of the reasons they don’t take much care in keeping it clean is because it’s not a lovely place to begin with.

Or maybe they are just slobs.  BUT, I am hoping that a lively, inspiring space might motivate a little more cleanliness, and if not then at least it’s a little prettier anyway.  (Really, I think I’m going to have to lay down the law a little more about keeping the space clean and what better reason than to take care of the new items…)

Here’s a pic of the “old” bathroom.  It’s not terrible, I know.  But it is rather blah.

photo 1

And here is the “new” bathroom.  It doesn’t scream big change, but I do think it’s more colorful and pretty.

photo 2

What you don’t see is that I outfitted the shower/tub with all new things to replace old worn out items.  I got a new shower caddy (the shampoos used to be littered along the edge of the tub) and nonslip tub mat.  I also bought a new shower curtain liner because the old one was torn.

But my favorite thing about the makeover is these towels!  They are perfect because the boys will like the non girly colors and Ava will love the chevron design.  The shower curtain and towels are made by totally different companies but look how perfectly they match!  The gray, green, and aqua colors couldn’t be more in sync.  I’m having trouble finding the words to express the joy I felt when I held the towels up to the shower curtain.  Life never works out that perfectly.  It was a miracle.

photo 5

I got a few solid towels too because they were extra big and fluffy and because I didn’t want to go too crazy with the stripes.

photo 4

And that cute sign above the toilet?  I got that because it sums up exactly how I want to the kids to take care of the bathroom.  Maybe if they can read it often, I won’t have to say it fifty times a day.  I honestly say every single phrase on that sign all the time, as does every other mother in America.

photo 6

I got all these great items at Marshall’s by the way.  It’s the only way I’ll shop to redo a room like this because otherwise it wouldn’t be affordable.  Just look at all I got for $103 (before tax):

4 towels, 2 hand towels, non slip rug, shower curtain, shower curtain liner, non slip tub mat, hanging shower caddy, wall art

It was fun to choose a totally new color palette and fresh items to make the kid’s bathroom (which doubles as our guest bathroom) look extra clean and beautiful.  I’ll let you know if the kids follow the “bathroom rules.”



Independence Day

Most of the country celebrates Independence Day on July 4th, but my kids will forever remember October 16 as the day their mom finally stopped being crazy and let them walk home from school by themselves.

I, like any other great mom, was convinced that the day I let my kids walk home without me they would certainly be flattened by an out of control semi truck.  Because that’s what happens in quiet little neighborhoods, right?  Right?  Ok so maybe not that… but they’d probably be kidnapped.  All three of them, simultaneously, by the world’s evilest kidnappers.  Or they would get lost, hopelessly lost and wander for days without food or drink… or maybe they would trip and crack their heads on the curb.  They should probably wear helmets while walking home…

It’s obvious that my mind can get a little carried away now and then with the “what-if’s.”

I have to accept that there are risks involved with almost everything the kids do, and part of teaching kids involves preparing them, practicing, and providing opportunity.  I prepared them long and hard for walking to and from school.  We practiced it dozens of times together.  I went over tons of scenarios, drilled them, and quizzed them.  And then, unexpectedly, the opportunity came along.

I was so sad to find out on Tuesday that a sweet woman I knew through the elementary school had passed away on Monday.  She and I would stand outside and chat while waiting for the kids to come out at the end of the day.  I was picking up Lucas and she was picking up one of his friends- her grandson that she cared for every afternoon.  It’s amazing how well you get to know a person when you chat for 5-10 minutes a day for a couple of years.  I knew I wanted to attend her celebration of life service on Thursday at 2, but that meant I wouldn’t be able to pick up the kids right at 3.

So I told the kids their chance had come.  I instructed them to walk home, gave them a key and the emergency phone, and I spent time honoring and remembering my friend at her beautiful service.  When I got home, the kids had been home for about 10 minutes and were completely happy and healthy. And I was full of gratitude and conviction after spending time celebrating the life my friend lived.  She really was a lovely, kind person.  I felt a new desire to live a life of love and generosity which was spurred by her legacy.

So the kids and I both had growing experiences this week.  They gained some independence.  I gained some perspective (though tinged with sadness.) And we all came out a little stronger because of it.

We Adopted!

I’ve had 2 cats in my adult life.  Cody and I got Jingle back in the days when I was longing for babies but it wasn’t time to have them yet.  Jingle was a good cat.  She lived with us until about 6 years ago when she became ill and passed away.  We were cat-less for a few years before Puma was given to us.  He was solid black, and the kids got to know him more than Jingle.  We were all pretty attached, so when Puma disappeared one day never to return, it hit us hard.

For the past few months the kids have been begging for a new cat, but it didn’t seem like a good time.  We were busy with summer, and we still missed Puma, and we got new white couches…New. White. Couches.

But after the newness of the couches wore off, and the kids kept begging, Cody and I revisited the cat idea and decided it wouldn’t be so bad to have one.  But I knew I didn’t want another black cat just like Puma.  (white couches.)

So I went to the animal shelter just to look.  Don’t ever go there just “to look” because you’ll be walking out with a new pet.  I was looking for something unusual, unique, and adorable.  I had made up my mind I didn’t want just any old cat.  It had to have very short hair, and absolutely not be a kitten.  I’m not crazy.

When I walked into the cat room there were tons of black, gray, black and white, and gray and white kittens and cats meowing like crazy.  Then I saw a stunning young orange cat sticking its head close to the bars wanting attention.  I was smitten.  It was so different looking, and it had very short hair, but it was a bit on the young side.  I sat and thought for a while.  I took it out and played with it.  I sat some more.  I asked the front desk people about it.  (It was 5 months old, had been adopted as a kitten and then returned because it was too much to handle.  What does that even mean?)  It was spayed, up to date on shots, and microchipped even!

I called Cody.  I sent photos.  I sat around some more wondering if I was about to make a huge mistake.  And then I adopted her.

I thought I would have to write an essay or something about what a great home I planned to give the cat, but apparently all you need to qualify for adopting a cat is $20 and a pulse.  I don’t blame them.  They’ve got to move those animals outta there to make room for the busloads of kittens arriving all the time.  I went home and got the house ready for a cat.  Then I prepared to pick up the kids from school and tell them the good news, before they went with me to bring the cat home.

Telling the kids was fun.  All 3 kids screamed and nearly fainted and Ava shed a few tears of joy.

The cat has been here for about 24 hours and it’s going great.  The kids love playing with it because it has so much energy.  At night (and when we leave the house), I close it up in the laundry room which has a cat door to the garage.  There it has access to food, water, and litter box, but is limited in what it can destroy.

I was a little worried that naming the cat would prove difficult if all the kids had different ideas.  So I was pleased when they all decided an orange cat adopted in the fall must absolutely be named Pumpkin.  Oh, and I did some research and discovered that most orange cats are male because of the way orange color is passed genetically.  Only 20% are female…so she is even more unique than I originally thought.

So here is our new little Pumpkin:

Image 2 DSC04011





Image 3


The Day of Panic and Stress

Well this day will go down in the books.  It was so terrible that I thought maybe writing about it would be cathartic…a way to expel the immense stress my body is carrying around as a result of the brushes with shock and adrenaline I’ve experienced.

It all started this morning when I was dragged from a dead to the world sleep by a pounding knock on the front door.  I didn’t fall asleep until 1:30 AM, so even though it was now 6 AM my body thought it was the middle of the night.  I was scared to death to hear banging on the door, especially since Cody had been out of town for a few days and I was on my own with the kids.  I ran to the front of the house, unsure of what to expect, and saw a policeman on my porch.  Somehow that didn’t make it better.

He was responding to a neighbor’s report of a suspicious person and attempted car burglary when he happened to notice that the sliding door of my van was open there in the driveway.  He asked me to come look through it to see if anything had been stolen.  In a fog, I got my robe and went into the darkness to explore my very open van.  Nothing was missing.  Imagine that- my mom van isn’t a hot target for thieves.  They didn’t want that bag full of burlap, or the empty fast food sacks on the floor.  In fact, I’m pretty certain the kids and I just forgot to close the door the night before.  Even though nothing was wrong, my heart was pounding.  I even called a friend and cried a little bit after it was over.

I got the kids up and 2/3 of them were a bit frightened about pounding they had heard on the door (I thought no one woke up, but I guess I was wrong.)  So we got off to s shaky start but made it to church.  After church, we had the next heart-pounding experience.

We were in the van driving home when the car in front of us lost control and had an extremely violent crash.  I will never forget it- it’s something you just never see and it’s etched vividly in my mind.  (Unfortunately, I’ve been replaying it all afternoon.)  We were headed west on 635 then took the big ramp to exit to 75 North.  You may know there is a rather bug curve at the top of that ramp before it straightens out to the north.  The car in front of us went close to the right wall on that curve.  I even remarked about it to Ava who was in the passenger seat.  But it got back inside the lines.  Then it got kind of close to the left wall.  Again I made a comment.  But it straightened out again.  Then as we got on the straight part of the road after the curve the car just started gliding to the right- farther and farther and farther and I said “It’s going to hit the wall!”  And it did slam into the wall hard.  Then it swerved all the way across a few lanes and hit the left wall so hard it flew up into the air.  Then it swerved hard to the right again, hit the right wall, and stopped.

I was just slowing down, watching it all happen, thinking “how can this be?”  I drove slowly past the stopped car and saw a woman slumped over in the seat.  I pulled over and stopped about 20 yards ahead of the car.  Calling 911 was difficult because my hands were shaking and I kept dialing 911 instead of my passcode to open my iPhone.  I finally got my passcode entered and dialed 911 and explained to the dispatcher our location and what I had seen.  I gave her my name and verified my number in case they needed to call me later.

Meanwhile, a red truck stopped behind the car and a man got out to check on the woman.  And cars were just zipping past us like crazy.  I was too afraid to get out.  I leaned out of the passenger side to yell to the man the news that I had called 911.  Then another car stopped in front of me and a woman got out and ran back to my van.  She was checking on us first- as she had not seen the accident.  I sent her to the other car telling her it was the only one involved.  She was a nurse.  She stayed there until the ambulance and firetruck arrived.  When she came back by my van she told me the woman was awake, but incoherent, and she had a bad cut.

I thought I would stay until police arrived but I had already been there a long time and none had shown up and then I started feeling confused about if they were coming or not.  The firetruck had made the traffic slower, but it started to move a bit and I got worried that it was leaving and the traffic was about to get fast again and I’d never be able to get off the shoulder if it was moving fast.  So I went ahead and drove off.  Maybe they will call me about the accident later.  I don’t know.  I think mostly I was in total shock and not really thinking clearly about it all.

When I got home it took a while for the shock to wear off completely, and then I was overcome with physical symptoms that I have to assume came from the let down after such an adrenaline rush.  I was nauseated and achy.  My back and neck hurt like crazy, and a blanket of exhaustion just wrapped itself around me to the point where I thought I would fall over asleep.  But I could not sleep, because the scene was replaying over and over in my mind.  Some of the kids are also having trouble with anxiety and sadness.  Lucas is especially concerned that whatever happened to the woman driving that car is going to happen to me while I’m driving.

This day was so surreal, so unexpected.  I feel like I’ve been dealing with panic and stress since that moment I woke up to the pounding on my door.  I know many people have worse experiences than these, and in reality nothing bad has actually happened to me or my loved ones, but I’ve had a front row seat to trauma, and it has not been easy to overcome.

*I wrote this post yesterday and am happy to report that Cody is on his way home AND I had a lovely, non-stressful pedicure today.  Two things that have brightened my outlook after the stresses I wrote about above.

Chihuly Gardens and Glass: My Photographs

I love Chihuly’s work.  I had never heard of him before the Dallas Arboretum hosted many beautiful pieces by him a few years ago.  The moment I saw the glass exhibits at the Arboretum, Chihuly gained a sincere follower.  I try to see his work whenever I can.  I was thrilled a couple of years ago when I discovered an exhibit of his in the OKC Museum of Art.  When I decided to travel to Seattle, the one thing I knew I *had* to do was see his Gardens and Glass exhibit.  It was spectacular!  I can’t believe I’m posting 14 photos, but I can’t narrow it down more than that.  There was so much great stuff!

The very first room was my favorite.  I could have spent 2 hours in that small room soaking in all it had to offer.  Not only were his glass pieces placed expertly next to woven Native American baskets, but there was an entire wall of Pendleton and Pendleton-style blankets, AND two entire walls of photos from the early 1900′s focusing on Native people.  Beautiful glass, stunning textiles, and old photographs…or in other words, heaven.




The next room had a sea theme.  The centerpiece was dazzling, but the room was filled with smaller intricate pieces that contained sea animals done in glass.  It was a treat for the eyes.


Here, as in the OKC museum, there was an empty room with a glass ceiling filled with colorful pieces of all shapes and sizes.  My favorite thing is how the glass throws shadows of every color on the walls.


One large room had a center island filled with glass of all colors, shapes, and sizes.  It was like a magical island.


Another room had a display like I had seen before at the Dallas Arboretum…boats full of glass that reflected perfectly in the shiny floor below.


One thing that surprised me was the framed examples of his drawings.  These muted drawings were one of the best things about the exhibit.  Limited edition signed prints of similar work was available in the gift shop…for $2500.00 or more.  I’ll go ahead an throw this out there as a great Christmas gift idea for me if anyone wins the lottery between now and then.


Chihuly’s chandeliers are always amazing.  There were several examples in the exhibit.  Each had its own personality.


More paintings by Chihuly in vibrant colors.  Stunning.  I couldn’t decide which was my favorite.


After perusing the inside rooms, we headed outside for the “garden” portion of the exhibit.  Chihuly is a master at placing glass in nature for maximum effect.


This greenhouse filled with glass “flowers” hung from the ceiling was a highlight.  The space is enormous.  When looking up at the glass one can see the Space Needle as well.  It’s beautifully done.



I loved how this crazy curly glass in bright orange and red was framed by the greenhouse above and the black grass below.  I told you Chihuly is a master.


Halfway through the exhibit, my friend and I paused at the Garden Cafe and enjoyed gourmet food and wine on the patio surrounded by the garden portion on the exhibit.  We talked and rested and soaked up the perfect sunny day.  It was one of the most lovely, joyful, meaningful days I’ve ever experienced, and will be cherished as a special memory.

Chihuly, Wine, Weather, and Friends

I’m having the best trip to Seattle. Several things have come together to make it nearly perfect. First of all it has been 55 degrees every morning, warming to a sunny 82 every afternoon, then cooling off again by 5 PM. Everyone agrees it’s the most beautiful weather possible here and I’ve lucked out to experience it during my visit.

Second, I saw Chihuly’s Garden and Glass exhibit which made my…year? Decade? Life? I can’t express how much I enjoy his work. The exhibit here was breathtaking. I loved pouring over it and photographing it.




Third, I’m smack dab in the middle of a wine area. My friend lives 5 miles from Woodinville. We spent yesterday afternoon at Chateau Ste Michelle. It was a grand, beautiful estate with a happening tasting room and fun gift shop. We took a tour and really enjoyed ourselves.


Fourth, I’m with my dear friend that I’ve known since our days of grad school at Stanford. (She and Cody were the students…not me!). She’s a kindred spirit and I love her. I’m so thankful for this time to visit, cook, eat, and hang out with her and her family.

This trip has been full of small pleasures. Walking my friend’s kids to and from school, a gourmet meal outdoors at the Chihuly Cafe, sitting on the patio playing cards within view of the beautiful, huge vegetable garden, eating fresh picked green beans and potatoes from that garden along with the best Atlantic King salmon, church today (I’m predicting), and stopping to see a neighbor’s prize winning dahlia garden.


It’s a slow paced, soul refreshing time I’m enjoying. I’m feeling very thankful this morning.

Is It Fall, Yet?

When I see the word September, I start getting very impatient about fall.  Summer I barely survive, Fall is when I come alive!  We had a million things start last week (and the week before), and now I am just ready to kick back with a warm mug of tea in 60 degree weather and read a book.

The kids started school…


Aren’t they cute?  I just realized this very minute that I never downloaded the photos I took with my “Real” camera the first day of school.  This was a snapshot on the phone.  Oops.

I started school, too…



It’s my third year teaching 3 year olds at the same preschool where my own kids went years ago.  I love it- I tell people all the time it’s the only job I’ve ever had that I don’t dread.  It is tiring though, and the first week is always the toughest.  My body has to remember how to wake up at 6:45.

The boys started baseball practice again.  Nate’s team is starting kid-pitch this year so we’ll see how that goes.  I’ve heard it involves a lot of walks.

This week I had a crazy idea to cook a bunch of food and stash it in the freezer.  It’s like Y2K all over again.  Either I’m subconsciously preparing for an impending apocalypse or the fall cooking bug bit me early.  Who knows.  But I am putting my new Costco membership to work.  I bought tons of supplies Wednesday and have cooked 4 Pioneer Woman casseroles, 3 huge batches of chicken chili, a big ol’ heap of trash (that’s a bad name for delicious chocolate covered popcorn goodness), and right now I’m making 4 batches of Pork Apricot Stew.

I’m going to share these recipes because they are so good.  Cody especially liked the Sour Cream Noodle Bake I made via the Pioneer Woman.  I made 4 pans full.

photo copy 2


The chicken chili is a recipe I shared on this blog a while back.  It’s so easy and perfect for a cool fall meal.

The trash is a very loose recipe that you can add or subtract whatever you want and make it to your family’s tastes.  I use about 2 bags of microwave popcorn (remove un-popped kernels), 3 cups chex, 2-3 cups frosted cheerios, half a bag of pretzel sticks, a large bag of M&M’s, and 1 cup cashews.  Then melt 2 eleven ounce bags of white chocolate chips in the microwave along with 2 TBS vegetable oil.  Stir it up.  Pour it over the stuff and toss to coat.  Lay it out on 2 large baking pans to dry for a couple of hours and store in an airtight container.  (P.S.- I use 2 huge bowls when I make this.  It won’t all fit in 1 bowl.)

photo copy


Last but not least, the Spiced Pork Apricot Stew recipe I found in Real Simple magazine many years ago is a favorite fall dish of mine.  I like it because it has unusual flavors.  It’s kind of Indian-ish, but not exactly.  I love to serve it over couscous or rice.  I wish you could smell it cooking right now.  The pork and onions are simmering in a mixture of paprika, cumin, ginger, and cinnamon.  Later I’ll add the garbanzo beans and dried apricots.  I’m telling you- this is a winner!

photo copy 3


I like having meals in the freezer for those days I don’t feel like cooking.  They also make easy meals to take to friends or neighbors that are sick or having a baby or something.  And don’t forget the apocalypse!  They come in really handy then.

Impulse Decisions = Hermit Crabs

Our family doesn’t do pets.  We have had a total of 2 cats in our 16 year marriage, only one of which the kids knew and loved.  That cat disappeared about 6 months ago which caused complete and utter despair and sadness the likes of which I never want to see again.

We especially don’t do dogs.  Don’t even get me started on all the reasons why I would never get a dog even if you paid me a million dollars.  I’m not kidding.  I’m glad you other people have dogs and love them and even treat them like family members- that’s great for you!  It’s not going to happen in our house.

But apparently, we DO hermit crabs.  This happened so suddenly that poor Cody left a crab-free home for a day trip to Austin this morning and will be returning tonight to the surprise of 3 lovely hermit crabs named Herman, Bubbles, and Halle.  Not only do we have 3 crabs, but we have the most decked out “crabitat” imaginable thanks to the helpful guy at Petsmart and a hefty sum of cash.

This is what happens when you let your kids spend the night at the grandparents.

Hahahahahaha- just kidding.  My mother-in-law reads this blog!  But really, that’s what happens. :)  They took the kids to the mall to do all kinds of fun things like bungee jumping and rolling across water in a giant plastic ball filled with air.  And there happened to be hermit crabs for sale at a kiosk and my boys happened to be completely fascinated by them.  So my mother-in-law called to see if there was any possibility they could actually have hermit crabs and I made an impulse decision to say “yes.”

photo 1-1

And I am really glad I did!

I mean, it’s only been a few hours, so it might be slightly premature to announce hermit crabs as the best pets ever…but they are so much fun to watch!  They seem to have their own little personalities.  And the kids are going to have to be responsible for them which is a pretty nice skill to develop.  All in all, these little guys (gals??) might be the perfect pet for us.

We couldn’t let the little fellas live in the boring box above, could we?

photo 2-1

photo 3-1

photo 4

I love the little “Crab Inn” sign Ava picked out.   I must admit it adds a homey touch.

I could have said “no” when my mother-in-law called.  It wouldn’t have hurt her feelings.  I’m so anti-pet that I turn down any requests for living creatures swiftly and deftly all the time.  I’m a pro at pet denial.  I’m not sure what prompted me to say “yes” this time.  There could be aspects of hermit crab care that I don’t understand yet that will cloud my cheery disposition at some point, but so far it’s a wonderful experience.

The (Yes, We’re Crazy) Grand Canyon Trip

I kinda wanted to take my kids to the Grand Canyon this summer…just because…and my friend Jackie was kind enough to invite herself along AND do all the driving.  Win/win for me!  We piled 6 of our 7 kids in the van (one of hers was at camp) and decided we’d leave on a Monday and return Friday.  That’s a lot of driving.  It’s also a lot of kids.  I’ll be honest: we got more than a few “looks” from people in restaurants and other places.  But the kids did great and we even got a couple of compliments about how well-behaved they were.

We made it to Tucumcari the first day.  We got to Flagstaff the second night.  We booked cheap hotels along the way as we drove and only spent an average of $50 a night.  That worked out well for us except for our stay in Flagstaff.  We were really close to leaving and kissing our non-refundable $50 goodbye, but we stuck it out and miraculously survived the night.

On the way to Flagstaff we stopped near Albuquerque at Sandia Peak.  It’s the world’s longest tramway, and definitely worth a stop if you’re ever driving out West on I40.  The ride itself is cool, but the views at the top and the hiking available are amazing.





Wednesday morning we got up and spent the entire day at the Grand Canyon.  The kids became Junior Rangers, we ate our lunch overlooking the canyon, we hiked along the rim, and basically wore ourselves out packing as much into a day as we could.  We also shook our heads at the stupidity of the people who would go off the path right up to the edge for photos.  It became an object lesson for the kids on “how not to be an idiot.”




We slept well that night then started our 2-day drive home.  Not long after leaving the FLagstaff area, we stopped at the Meteor Crater which is another cool place along I40.  It’s a huge and well-preserved meter impact crater.  They have a nice museum and a very well done short movie.


For dinner near the Grand Canyon we ate at a Mexican place called Plaza Bonita.  Their specialty was a dish Jackie and I had never heard of called Molcajete.  It was amazing.  It’s served in a 3 legged pot made from volcanic rock.  It comes out super hot and bubbling.  It’s a tomato based sauce that reminded me of Swiss Steak, and typically comes with all kinds of seafood or steak and chicken.  It was so good that we searched out a place the second day in Albuquerque to eat it again.


The trip flew by, and even though it was a lot of time in the car, it was so much fun overall.  The kids will have a memory of the Grand Canyon AND time with their friends.  Jackie and I confirmed that we are fabulous traveling companions…so I doubt this will be the last crazy trip we take.

TJ Maxx Fix Trumps Stitch Fix

Earlier this week I posted the disastrous results of my first Stitch Fix box.  I was so disappointed.  I know I could try it again and perhaps my “fixes” would get better, but a few friends encouraged me to just hit TJ Maxx and see what I could find.  I probably should have taken a friend, but I honestly just wanted some peace and quiet tonight after a long day with the kids.  I had zero expectations, so imagine my surprise when almost everything I tried on actually:

a. looked good

b. fit well

c. had a low price tag!

I showed Ava the goods when I got home and we did this extremely fast photo shoot in bad lighting in my bedroom.  Not all of these pics are super flattering or really do these clothes justice, but even still I’m happy with them enough to show the world my finds!

Up first, the Cable and Gauge Striped shirt (feels luxuriously soft) $16.99 and the DKNY white capri jeans $15.00  I’ve never had white pants before, so this is totally new for me!  They fit great and I think I can wear so many different tops with them.  The shirt will be nice for fall.


Here’s the same shirt paired with my new boyfriend style jeans (that’s what these are right?  I’m not completely sure…) Max Jeans $29.99  They are so comfortable.  Not too tight or too loose…just right.


I picked up a soft striped maxi skirt on clearance $15.00.  It is unique because of the slit up the side.  It goes great with my super versatile short sleeve black top by Rafaella.  Ringing up at $12.99 it was the cheapest and maybe my favorite find of the evening.  It has a beautiful texture detail on the front and fits so perfectly.



Here’s the same shirt paired with linen/rayon blend wide leg gray pants by Just Living.  These pants were $19.99 and the photo doesn’t capture how beautiful they are.  They are actually more slimming than the photo makes them out to be.  And they are COMFORTABLE.


The dress Stitch Fix sent me wouldn’t zip and felt so short and unflattering.  I picked up this lively coral dress for $19.99 and can dress it up or down as needed.  It has some lacy/cut out detail in the front that is really pretty.


Grand total for 7 items of clothing with tax was $140.  I’ve basically got a whole new wardrobe.  I feel like I tried some new things and didn’t gravitate toward what I always get.  I had a very open mindset and had been looking online at lots of clothing in preparation for getting my Stitch Fix box.  So in that way I guess it did help me…in a long roundabout way.

What do you think of my TJ Maxx fix?